MBP Tournaments

  • Tournaments just keep on coming!
  • Here’s an addition that might boost already-enthused tournament players to cloud nine.
  • MBP (Macau Billionaire Poker) Tournaments are here, boasting a ¥2000000 weekly GTD!
  • Yes, some of you might recognize the name, but familiarity isn’t the only thing MBP brings to the table.
  • A customized line-up, jam-packed with various entertaining formats, awaits you.

MBP Schedule

Event NameTime(UTC+00:00)Buy-inGuarantee
¥210 MBP Bounty09:30¥210¥10,000
¥50 MBP Turbo10:30¥50¥3,000
¥105 MBP Bounty11:30¥105¥8,000
¥200 MBP11:30¥200¥15,000
¥50 MBP Turbo12:30¥50¥5,000
¥105 MBP Bounty12:30¥105¥10,000
¥300 MBP MAIN EVENT12:30¥300¥100,000
¥100 MBP Omaha13:30¥100¥3,000
¥210 MBP Bounty13:30¥210¥15,000
¥1000 MBP HIGH ROLLER13:30¥1,000¥80,000
¥50 MBP Turbo14:30¥50¥3,000
¥400 MBP14:30¥400¥20,000
¥105 MBP Bounty15:30¥110¥5,000
¥200 MBP Freezeout15:30¥200¥10,000
Additional Information
· MBP Tournaments are played in CNY
· You can join MBP tournaments with USD; your USD balance will be automatically converted into CNY when you buy-in


  • Satellites are available for the ¥300 MBP MAIN EVENT and the ¥1000 MBP HIGH ROLLER.
  • Each event hosts two satellites, respectively; a regular satellite (90 mins beforehand, 1/10 buy-in) and a turbo satellite (30 mins beforehand, 1/5 buy-in).
  • Join the ever-popular MBP action, by acquiring seats at a bargain!