Rake Race (Complete) Promotions

Insane March in 2018!

We decided to make a surprise for you and tripled the race in March. It has now been raised to $9000! First prize is a whopping $2000!The top has increased to 20! What should be done?? Earn Player Points by playing real money cash games, AoF, Fortune Spin and MTT. Hit the TOP20 and get paid for it!You don’t want to miss our Rake race! For the race, presented below you will continue to get your cashback and bonus on top of Prize money from the race!

Payout Structure

1. 2000$
2. 1500$
3. 1000$
4-5. 750$
6-7. 500$
8. 300$
9. 250$
10. 200$
11-15. 150$
16-20. 100$