Rush & Cash Games

Rush & Cash
  • Don’t want to wait for hands? Rush.
  • Want more fun and action? Cash Drops.
  • Crave big rewards? Exclusive 65% Rakeback.
  • Combine the three, and we have a new game that kills three birds with one stone – Rush & Cash.

So, what is Rush & Cash?

It’s the fastest poker game, yet at the same time, designed to satisfy our motto ‘Let’s make Poker fun again!’ with 65% Rakeback in the form of Cash Drops.

The Bottom Line

  • Unprecedented 65% Rakeback for every player through Cash Drops
  • Fastest Poker Game : No need to wait for a hand, just Rush
  • It’s okay to mouth wow, but you might need a few more details to Rush & Cash, so here’s how it works.
  • As you play Rush & Cash, at the start of some hands, selected at random, chips will drop on to the table.
  • Drop amounts will vary (from 5BB to 500BB); smaller amounts will go into the pot inducing more action, while larger amounts will be divided and added to every player’s stack right away as a straight-up reward.
  • This, in the long run, will result in a flat 65% rakeback for each and every player.
  • As for the game itself, it will be played in CNY, blinds will be paid by the player in the dealer position only (button blind), and antes will be paid by every player.

Additional Information

  • Fold, and you’ll immediately be dealt a fresh hand at a different table, against new opponents
  • You can Fold whenever, even if it’s not your turn to act, as long as you are facing a bet.
  • If you wish to spectate how a hand plays out, just hold Fold.
  • Players will be seated randomly for each hand.
  • All players will be seated in the dealer position equally percentage-wise, in the long run.
  • All-In Insurance will be available in Rush & Cash.
  • Run It Multiple Times (Run it twice, Run it three times) will be unavailable, to preserve the fast-pace nature of the game.

Numbers & Details

Button Blind Buy-in Rake per Hand
¥0.10 ¥5 ~ ¥25 ¥0.02
¥1 ¥50 ~ ¥150 ¥0.2
¥10 ¥500 ~ ¥1500 ¥2
  • Each player pays ante, while the player in the dealer position pays the ‘button blind’.
  • Rake will be paid as antes and blinds are collected.
  • All players will be seated in the dealer position equally percentage-wise, in the long run.
  • Rush & Cash is played in CNY.
  • You can enter Rush & Cash tables with just USD balance. USD will be automatically converted into CNY as you enter Rush & Cash.