GG Fishing 3D Games

Treasure Chest

  • Collect Treasure Keys by capturing fish.
  • Each Treasure Chest contains five treasure cards, which can be opened with 5 treasure keys.
  • Each card contains Free Shots; flip and earn them on the spot.
GG Fishing 3D
GG Fishing 3D
GG Fishing 3D

(Free Shots you can obtain from a Treasure Chest will be 20x ~ 500x of your average bets.)

Free Shot

  • There are four colors of Free Shots, which can be used in each relevant stage.
  • Free Shots are equal in value to coins, and capture rewards will be in coins.
  • All of your Free Shots will be automatically used before spending coins.

A unique shooting game where a shot could be worth 888 times more!

Fight and capture fish for huge rewards.

( 1 Coin = ¥1 = $0.14 )

How to Play






Notice mood changes? Means you’re about to hit the jackpot!

Mini Jackpot 1.5% ~ 3%
Mega Jackpot 7.5% ~ 15%

Unique Features!

  • Auto-Fish


    Tired of targeting the same fish over and over again?

    Pre-select the ones you want to catch.

  • Rapid Fire

    Rapid Fire

    Want to shoot faster than anyone else?

    Double your firing rate with Rapid Fire.

  • Card Game

    Card Game

    Feel like rewards aren’t enough?

    Capture Card Fish and play a card game, in which you can double-down up to five times, for rewards!

    * (Winning 5 consecutive card games increases your rewards 32 times!)