Smart HUD

  • Now in one brief glance, size up your opponents!
  • With the new Smart HUD, you can quickly learn your opponent’s tendencies on the spot, and use them to your strategic advantage.

How To Use Smart HUD

Smart HUD

The ” Smart HUD Icon “

  • In Cash Games (excluding AoF) and Tournaments, the icon will display a player’s current VPIP percentage.VPIP stands for voluntarily put money in pot. In other words, this stat shows the percentage of time a player calls or raises pre-flop.Use this knowledge to adjust your game play and improve your odds.Just remember, everyone else can see your percentage as well!
    • Blazing Run
    • Hot Run
    • Normal Run
    • Cold Run
  • Regardless of game type, the outer edge of the Smart HUD Icon will be an illustration of a player’s current run.There are 4 levels, and the fierier, the better.Exploit those who are on a cold run or put a check to those on hot runs.The decision is up to you; but you may be able to make an informed decision using Smart HUD!

Smart HUD

The ” Smart HUD Box “Click anywhere in the avatar.

The Smart HUD Box provides detailed statistics about the players around you.

  • Cash Games
    • The Smart HUD Box in cash games shows how many hands you’ve played and won against a particular player.
    • Your past records of the biggest pots against your opponent will be a quick reminder of your opponent’s tendencies and can also serve as a measurement of skill in comparison.
    • *Smart HUD Box data in cash games refreshes daily.
    All-In or Fold
    • The Smart HUD Box in AoF will show three things : A player’s total jackpot winnings, their latest jackpot hands, and their hand distribution.
    • Only one part of the puzzle is missing. Your finesse to pinpoint how strong or weak your opponent is when they are pressing the red button!
    • Tournament Smart HUD Box contains a player’s total tournament earnings, and their leaderboard rank.
    • Past tournament placements will prove to be useful in evaluating your adversaries as well.
    • Sidestep players on the rise while pushing others over the edge.

Universal Player Note

With our one-of-a-kind universal player note, you can access your knowledge anywhere, whether it be on your mobile phone, your PC, or different devices!