Smart HUD

Smart HUD

  • Now in one brief glance, size up your opponents!
  • With the new Smart HUD, you can quickly learn your opponent’s tendencies on the spot, and use them to your strategic advantage.

How To Use Smart HUD

Smart HUD

The ” Smart HUD Icon “

Cash Games (Luck)
Smart HUD
  • Very Lucky
  • Luck
  • Normal
  • Unlucky
  • Very Unlucky
In regular cash games (excluding AoF) , players will have a four-leaf clover in their Smart HUD Icon. The number of colored leaves will be a testament to how much luck a player is currently having.
AoF (All-In %)
In All-In or Fold, the Smart HUD Icon will display the relevant player’s All-In percentage at the current table. Use this knowledge to adjust your game play and improve your odds. Just remember, everyone else can see your percentage as well!
Tournament (Rank)
In tournaments, you will be able to immediately identify a player’s current position in the tournament. Try pacing yourself accordingly, until you win it all!
All Games (Streak)
Fantastic Streak Good Streak Bad Streak
  • Regardless of game type, the outer edge of the Smart HUD Icon will be either on fire or frozen, depicting the player’s current streak.
  • There are 3 levels, and the fierier, the better.
  • Should you shy away from someone who’s on fire? Or should you try to extinguish their streak?
  • The decision is up to you; but you may be able to make an informed decision using Smart HUD!

The ” Smart HUD Box “

The Smart HUD Box provides a more detailed statistics about the players around you.

Click anywhere in the avatar.

Click the HUD Box button

Smart HUD

  • Cash Games
    • The Smart HUD Box in cash games shows your record against a particular player.
    • It will also show your 3 biggest hands vs. your opponent, hopefully showing how you defeated your opponent.
    • Easy-to-access Smart HUD Box will be a quick reminder of your opponent’s tendencies.
    • * Biggest hands section of the Smart HUD Box in cash games is temporarily under revision. It will be available in the near future.
    All-In or Fold
    • Detailed statistics about your opponent’s all-in tendencies are shown within the Smart HUD Box in All-In or Fold.
    • Tournament Smart HUD Box contains a player’s total tournament earnings, and their leaderboard rank.
    • Past tournament placements will prove to be useful in evaluating your adversaries as well.
    • Sidestep players on the rise while pushing others over the edge.

*Smart HUD Box data refreshes daily.