Poker Craft

Overview Tab

The first tab you see when PokerCraft opens is the Overview. This tab provides general information about your progress and results.

Overview – Calendar

Below the general information is a calendar grid that displays your daily net earnings

Hold’em Tab

The Hold’em tab displays cumulative statistics for your game history in the respective game type including your Play Style, Luck, and more.The Hold

Hold’em & Omaha – Game History

The Game History tab allows you to view details about every hand in the game session you select to view. You will be able to analyze or export any hand as a Hand Moment to share on social media.

Hold’em & Omaha – Win/Loss

The Win/Loss tab displays your profit and loss over time while the graph shows the expected value of the hands you’ve played. X-Axis Hands played Y-Axis Profit/LossWin/Loss Line Graph The red line displays your actual profit and loss while the EV line shows the statistical value over the same range of hands for comparison.

Hold’em & Omaha – Hole Cards Matrix

The Hole Cards tab shows a matrix of all combinations and provides you with the total net earnings for each hand you’ve played. Hole Cards Chart Diplays your total net earnings with every possible combination of hole cards Example – A3o (Off-Suit) Let’s take a look at A3o to illustrate how to use the chart.The color blue will indicate a net profit. For every time we held A3 off-suit as our hole cards, we have made a total net profit of $270.56.

Hold’em & Omaha – Position

The Position tab displays your net earnings from each seat at the table allowing you to easily see your strongest positions. Position Tab This tab shows your net earnings from each position on the table.Position Earnings in green indicate profit while those in red indicate a net loss. Info for a given Position Winloss – Your total earnings (i.e. Button – $6.79 loss) Flop % – The % of times you saw the flop. Showdown – The number of times you played a hand until showdown (i.e. Button – twice)

Hold’em & Omaha – Opponents

The Opponents tab displays your net earnings against opponents from the selected session to view. Red bars to the left indicate loss while blue bars to the right indicate profit. X-Axis Total Net Earnings Y-Axis Opponent IDOpponents (Profit) The blue bars show your net profit against the opponents you have profited from most.Opponents (Loss) The red bars show your net losses against your opponents.

All-In or Fold

The All-In or Fold tab displays your overall stats at the All-In or Fold game.

Fortune Spin

The Fortune Spin tab shows your Fortune Spin history including how many Cookie Cards you have accumulated and your spin history.

Fortune Spin – Chip Graph

The graph charts the movement of all chips in the selected Fortune Spin Sit & Go from the first hand to the last. X-Axis Number of chips Y-Axis Number of hands playedChip Graph Displays the movement of chips between players from the first hand to the final handParticipating Player IDs Player IDs corresponding to each line

Hand Moments

Every hand in your poker journey can be accessed and exported as a Hand Moment through PokerCraft. Hand Moments capture all the exitement of a hand in a single image that can be easily uploaded to social media.