Are there different conditions for hitting the Hold’em and Omaha jackpot? How is the All-In or Fold jackpot paid out? How do you hit the All-In or Fold (AoF) jackpot? How much sit-out time do I receive? How do I know the game is not fixed? Can I leave and enter a table with fewer chips? What is the method of rake distribution? How is the rake distributed when two players split the pot? What is the Remove Chips option in All-In or Fold? How do you play a game of All-In or Fold? How does the AoF jackpot build up? What happens when I get disconnected while playing a game of Fortune Spin? What is the required number of players to spin the Fortune Spin wheel? What are Fortune Cookies? What are Cookie Cards? What happens if I acquire the same Cookie Card? What happens when I collect one of each Cookie Card? Can I use one of the Cookie Card avatars as my own avatar? Are the Cookie Cards unlocked randomly? How many Cookie Cards are there to collect? Is it possible to collect the entire Cookie Card collection more than once? How do I view my Cookie Card collection? How do I unlock a Cookie Bonus? How many times can I earn a Cookie Bonus? What is All-In or Fold (AoF)? What is the All-In or Fold (AoF) jackpot? What is the buy-in amount for an All-In or Fold game? Is the Remove Chips feature only available at All-In or Fold tables? What game types are available for All-In or Fold? Are there other incentives to play All-In or Fold? What is the average length of an All-In or Fold game? What is Fortune Spin? Can I spectate a Fortune Spin game? How do I register for a Fortune Spin game? What prizes are available for a Fortune Spin game? What is a Featured Table? How do you play a game of Fortune Spin? What do the 4X or 8X multipliers mean? What do the multiples shown in the upper right corner of each Cookie Card represent? What does each Cookie Card represent? Where is the Spin History of my Fortune Spin games? What is a Shot Clock for a Fortune Spin game? In Hold’em, how is the rake charged per pot and is there a rake cap? What is Hold’em? What is a cash game? What does Avg Pot ($) mean? What does Flop (%) mean? What does H/hr mean? In Omaha, how is the rake charged per pot and is there a rake cap? What is Omaha? What is the difference between Hold’em and Omaha? What is a Featured Table? How many betting rounds are there in Omaha? How much sit-out time is available in Omaha?
If my network connection is bad, what will happen to my game play? Why are some of my tables not working while others are running properly? Why am I not able to connect to the software? What does the message ‘Failed to Enter’ mean? What does the ERROR_LOGIN_FAILED message mean? How do I resolve an issue which states that the app can’t run on my PC? How do I resolve an issue stating that GGNetwork.exe is not a valid Win32 application? Why do I get no response when I double-click on the desktop shortcut icon to start the program? How do I resolve an issue in which updating the app continues to fail? What happens when I get disconnected while involved in a hand? What is BRAND_INTERNAL_ERROR? What does INTERNAL_ERROR mean? What is Resource load Error? What is error code 2503? What should I do if I have reason to believe that I lost my chips after I was disconnected? Will I be refunded with the tournament buy-in if I was disconnected? If I was disconnected and my hand was folded, then will I receive a refund? Why am I disconnecting while playing from my mobile device so frequently? What does the message ‘Windows Installer Deleting of product updates’ mean? What do I do when I have reason to believe that I had received less chips after winning a hand? How do I resolve an issue in which the table reopens after I have closed it?​ Why can I not open more than two tables? What should I do if I have reason to believe I was ITM and did not receive my prize? What do I do when I have reason to believe that the chips on the table were not returned to my account upon leaving the table? What does the message mentioning that we cannot accept players from my region mean? How do I resolve an issue involving my anti-virus program stating it has found a Trojan? What does the ‘ReservedSeatNotOwnedByPlayer’ message mean? How can I solve the issue of tab names in the software lobby being improperly displayed? Why is All-In Insurance (A.I.I.) not showing in my hand history? How do I solve font glitches on my Android device? Can I edit or delete my Nickname? Are there any Nickname or Avatar restrictions? How does DET work? Will I be able to run your poker app from a Linux Android device? What are the minimum requirements for the software? How can I check issues involving network connection errors? ​I want to report my issue, how should I report?
When do the final table features activate? What is the Switch Seats feature at final tables of tournaments? What is the ‘Deal Making’ feature? What is a Shot Clock? What is a chip-chop deal or amount? What is a re-entry in relation to tournaments? How can I re-enter a tournament? What is the difference between a re-entry and a rebuy? Is there a fee involved with a re-entry? Is there a re-entry limit? How do I find the tournament that I had registered for? Where can I find the tournament break schedule? How do I find the results of a completed tournament? What are the different tournament formats? How will re-entries affect tournament staking? How do I know if I had re-entered a tournament? What is Hand-for-Hand play in tournaments? Do tournament tickets have an expiration date? In a tournament, why could I not make a rebuy or add-on after I lost my chip stack? Is there a dedicated page with the entire tournament list? What happens to my buy-in if a tournament is cancelled? Is it possible to register for the same tournament twice? Is it possible to be seated at the same position consecutively? When is it possible to make an add-on or rebuy? How is the prize pool distributed if the guarantee is exceeded? How can I find out if a tournament that I had registered for was cancelled? Are there any tournaments that do now allow re-entries? What are Tournament Dollars (T$)? How do I earn T$? Where can I use my T$? Where can I find my T$ balance? Can I transfer my T$ to other players? Is it possible to cash-out T$? How will I get paid if a player bought my stakes with T$? Can I combine T$ with tournament tickets to register for a tournament? Can I use my T$ to buy-in to cash games? What is cash worth of a Tournament Dollar ($T)? What is tournament staking? What are the rules of tournament staking? How do I sell my action? How do I buy a player’s action? Is there a limit to the number of players I can stake? Where can I find the results of my tournament staking? Is the information on my staking profile visible to others? Is there a fee charged to players using the staking feature? Is there a limit to the amount of action I can sell? How do I calculate the actual amount that I would like to stake a player? Am I able to spectate the table of a player whom I staked? How do I enter a tournament with my ticket? Where can I find the tickets that I have acquired? Can I exchange my ticket for a different one with the same value? Do my tickets have an expiration date? What are Cookie Freerolls? When do the Cookie Freerolls run? What are the requirements for Cookie Freerolls? What is the guaranteed prize pool for Cookie Freerolls?

Getting Started

Where can I check the FAQ pages? Is there a shortcut to the FAQ pages? To access our FAQ pages, please click the Help icon in bottom of the PC software client. For mobile, click the Help icon at the bottom right corner. This will automatically redirect you to the FAQ pages. You can also access the FAQ… How to installed the PC client How do I install the software for PC?   Download the Client For PC, Select ‘Run’ or ‘Install’ For Mac, drag the icon to your Applications folder Open your newly-installed poker app and select ‘Sign-up’ This will open a page where you will be able to choose your Username and Password Upon your first login, you will… How to join Hold’em, Omaha & AoF How do I join a game of Hold’em, Omaha, or AoF? There are two simple ways to join a game, which are called Group View or Table View. GROUP VIEW Group View allows you to directly join a table without having to navigate a long table list. 1. Simply select… How to join Fortune Spin How do I join a game of Fortune Spin? In the PC: In the Mobile: Select the buy-in amount. There are three choices ($1, $5, or $15). Then select the number of games you would like to register simply by clicking on the arrow keys. Click on the Register button…. How to join Tournaments How do I join a tournament? For PC: For Mobile: From the tournament list, select a tournament you wish to register. (Note: Tournaments are listed in the order of their start times. You can also use filters to set the game and tournament type you wish to search.) You can… Is there an easy way to join game tables while I am playing? Use the Add Table and Move Table buttons to easily join games from your current table! We offer a quick and easy option to add similar tables (applicable to Hold’em, Omaha, AoF, and Fortune Spin)! From your current table, you can open a new table without having to go back… Is there a difference between the mobile and desktop versions? What are the differences between games available on mobile and desktop devices? There may be slight differences in how you would place your bets or navigate through the games. However, the players will be drawn from the same player pool regardless of how you access the games. Will I be able to switch between mobile and desktop apps? Can I continue playing my game if I switch between mobile and desktop apps? How do I switch from mobile to computer and vice versa? Yes, to do this simply launch the desktop or mobile app and login. Note: You will be disconnected from your mobile once you’ve logged into… Hand Rankings What are the basic hand rankings in poker? ROYAL FLUSH A, K, Q, J, 10 all of the same suit STRAIGHT FLUSH Any five card sequence in the same suit FOUR OF A KIND All four cards of the same rank FULL HOUSE Three of a kind combined with a… Basic Poker Terms Ace in the hole One of the hole cards is an ace. Act To make a play (bet, call, raise, or fold) at the required time. Action A player’s turn to act. A willingness to gamble. A bet, along with all the calls of that bet. Action card In Texas…