$3 000 Rake race


You don't want to miss our Rake race! For the race,
presented below you will continue to get your cashback and bonus on top of Prize money from the race!
Participation is as alway:

Earn Player Points by playing real money cash games, sit 'n' goes, and multi table tournaments.

Rake race terms and conditions

Top list:

1.  texasilain55734€80021.  Pecheur2768
2.  Samaras_GR48467€55022.  kerpo19742725
3.  staminho8821806€40023.  natao162504
4.  Manueloz2z20319€27524.  valueseeker2419
5.  better__0018512€20025.  TheStick362361
6.  CheekyLiam216882€15026.  MooNShin32310
7.  molenda15577€12527.  Kefexin2226
8.  Lalalalaaa6912880€10028.  BlodadTand2132
9.  BigBertta8618€10029.  BRUMMIS11947
10.  stigBig8575€7530.  CaixaMagica1939
11.  DS8312286898€7531.  no1cares1782
12.  ingenious5373€5032.  birdiebottle1763
13.  1688poker5207€5033.  stanimal1575
14.  InVictus_equ4984€2534.  sajs791542
15.  420JOrma4334€2535.  kereru1519
16.  Serinity8392536.  Pepsimaxkid1227
17.  ArmandMoulin359137.  entuziast1207
18.  go_win352938.  Folder1163
19.  jinjar349539.  pupudede1030
20.  Deskent301040.  Grabosli938

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