$200K Omaha Festival Promotion - join the Omaha MAY-hem!



We have some exciting news for you and your players!

In the month of May, we are bringing you a new promotion, $200K Omaha Festival, which will have one of the largest guarantees to date at GGNetwork! The news comes just in time with the upcoming addition of more Omaha Featured Tables and regular Omaha tables from low to high stakes coming soon on April 30th.

The Omaha Festival will be a points-based promotion involving only Omaha cash games.

All players will have to do is play Omaha cash games for a chance to win their share of the $200K prize pool.

Here's the rundown!

- The promotion will run from May 1 ~ 31.
- For every $0.01 rake generated at an Omaha table, the player will be awarded 1 point.
- The Omaha cash tables will be divided into four different stakes (Featured, High, Middle, Low) and the points will be summed up separately per stakes.

- Therefore, points from playing in the blinds for Featured stakes will not count towards High stakes or others.


- Also, points will be multiplied on Saturdays (X2.5), Sundays (X2), and Mondays (X1.5).

- At the end of May, the points will be tallied up to determine the top players for each stake who will claim their share of the prize pool.

It goes without saying that our Omaholics will embrace this promotion as they can continue to play at blinds that they are used to while earning the opportunity to win cash prizes! At the same time, don't miss out on this chance to recruit new Omaha fans and let them join us for a month of MAY-hem!