Play and get paid

Our VIP program is simple, easy to understand and most important – it rewards all players with pure cash!

Your rakeback reward level will depend on how many Player Points you earn. The more points, the higher your reward level. For every $1 you generate in rake and/or tournament fee you are rewarded with 3.6 Player Points. So, for example if you CashBack level is 35% you earn $3.5 for every 36 player points that you earn.

The default cashback is set up at 8%. If you have any questions regarding your rakeback you can contact william@bestpoker.com

Under “My account"  and then "CashBack” you are able to view your current Cashback level. This is also where you exchange your player points for cash. Player points are paid on a daily basis, and they are so in accordance with the network data feed that is in time zone UTC+8. So in case you feel you have been paid to few player points, most likely you will get them the next day instead.